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James Levy

Managing Director

Executive with nearly 20 years of involvement in successful international senior management teams carrying out business predominantly across Europe and North America.  Experienced in working directly with governments and government agencies around the world.

James has experience providing mission critical devices and systems to the MoJ and Government agencies around the world, as well as experience delivering new technologies into the Crime & Justice sector.  He is continuously working with the Home Office, NOMS, the MoJ, the Met Police, regional Counter Terror teams and other Government agencies to transition them to better security technology.

More recently James has been working to improve Technology in the probation sector with government and private organisations.

James has led projects installing Secure wireless/WiFi in prisons & also providing Mobile Phone Control/Denial systems to HMP’s & prisons worldwide.

A leading knowledge in secure Telecoms and Mobile Phone Control, James advised the United Nations in 2011 on secure telecoms and was recently invited to be on a panel of prisoner ICT experts at the International Corrections and Prison Association.

Julie Gant

Chief Compliance Officer

Julie Gant began her career working at Texas Department of Criminal Justice, acting as Ombudsman for the State of Texas, dealing with prisoner and family complaints, and then went on to oversee the re-write of all policies and procedures for the Texas Prison System when legislation was passed to encompass prisons and probation.

Taking a senior role within the private prison industry, Julie gained hands on experience of staff and prisoner management and developed a deep knowledge and interest in understanding how to give the best chances to those vulnerable groups in care, while maintaining high levels of security and accountability.

Since moving to England in 2007, Julie has been immersed in the UK Crime & Justice sector.

Julie has experience working in both private and state run prisons as well as for the US Army. Utilising her experience, Julie was a founding director of L&G International Ltd, set up in 2007 to address the needs of prisons and governments around the world. Julie is currently heading up a long term project that involves national collaboration between prisons and other government agencies, charities, colleges and universities.

David McGarry

Technical Director

Executive with many years’ experience working in technology and software businesses at a senior level, delivering complex projects to both public and private sector organizations around the world.

David’s work has included bringing several ‘world-firsts’ and pioneering technologies to the market and he has both a broad and deep level of technical knowledge having worked in speech recognition, voice/VOIP, telecoms, IVR, internet technologies and mobile apps as well as experience running a successful internet hosting company.

In addition to managing software development and technical teams he has previously helped integrate systems with telcos in the UK, Europe and USA.

George Pearson

Professional Development – Education

George heads up educational training for prisoners, prison and probation staff.