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New Installation

L & G International Ltd. and technical partner Lattice Incorporated are proud to announce the successful installation of a state of the art Prisoner Telephone System at the brand new prestigious HMP Gibraltar correctional facility, located at Windmill Hill, Gibraltar.  The installation took place in July and went live in August 2010 much to the delight of Mr Richard Aguilera the Prison Superintendent, whom had been working on approval and creating the new prison build for several years now.  The new prison replaced the existing prison that had been in use as a prison in some form since it was originally built in 711 AD originally as a Moorish Castle.  The Castle remains a tourist attraction.

The new prison which holds a maximum capacity of 100 prisoners now has, by far, one of the most advanced inmate telephone system’s installed in Europe.  The prison can now take advantage of many industry leading features to assist them with the day to day running of the facility.

James Levy, Director of Sales for L & G International Ltd., said “This is the first HMP (Her Majesty’s Prison) we have had the pleasure to install a state of the art prisoner telephone solution within, and it went fantastically well.  We have since had visitors to the site from other HMP facilities, whom were very impressed with what they saw”.
“This is better than the current HMPS BT PIN prisoner phone system, it is easier to find the information you require and it’s faster as well!” said one visitor who holds a senior role within a large HMP facility in the UK“.

L & G International Ltd. and Lattice Incorporated beat off stiff competition from British Telecom, Voice Products and Gibraltar Telecom to win the much coveted, prestigious installation, maintenance and service contract with HMP Gibraltar.  The new L & G International Ltd. Prisoner Telephone System gives the prison in Gibraltar more flexibility and a more technically advanced, easy to use feature selection than our competitors.

New Partnerships

L & G International Ltd. continues to create new partnerships and carry out Prisoner Telephone System installations worldwide.  Look out for more information on the latest news regarding L & G International Inmate Telephone Systems.