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New Installation

L & G International Ltd. is proud to announce the successful installation of a state of the art centralised Inmate/Prisoner Telephone System across Her Majesty’s Prison facilities on the island of Bermuda.   L&G International now provide Prisoner Telephone Service to HMP facilities across 3 separate International Time Zones and service to prisons and jails spanning 7 Time Zones, a larger span across the globe than any other Inmate Telecom Company.

The Government of Bermuda decided to replace their existing Inmate/Prisoner PIN Telephone System earlier in 2012.  The leading Telecom companies in the industry were asked to submit proposals so the D.O.C could find the best solution.  L&G International won the contract to supply the solution, easily beating off the competition from European and American competitors.

The project with the Bermuda D.O.C. to install a centralised Inmate-Prisoner Telephone System spans across the 3 HMP facilities with the option to house staff remotely from the prison sites.  Saving staff was crucial in the Government’s decision to choose L&G International’s centralised solution.

Tulani Bulford, C.O.O. Trident Solutions & Chief System Administrator for The Bermuda D.O.C., said “One company namely L&G International stood head and shoulders above the rest. The L&G International offering is the most sophisticated system in the market place”.

Mr Bulford continued, “L&G’s in-depth knowledge of prisons gave us a great sense of comfort. L&G’s jail pin phone management system gives Departments of Correction a system that is easy to use, utilizing the latest administration features, security features and the ability to centralize staff and equipment.  The centralized system they built for us allows our D.O.C. to streamline many processes and procedures & save on staff numbers. This is critical”.

James Levy, Director of Sales for L & G International Ltd., said “It has been a very good year so far and we expect next year to continue in the same way.  This is one of several contracts L&G won in 2012, but we do not get to discuss all of them due to Non Disclosure Agreements with some customers.   We have some exciting developments and new products due for release throughout 2013 to add to our existing Correctional Technology products.”

New Partnerships

L & G International Ltd. continues to create new partnerships and carry out Prisoner Telephone System installations worldwide.  Look out for more information on the latest news regarding L & G International Correctional Technology.