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Mobile phone problems? Simply make them unusable with Halo™. The best way to control illegal mobile phone use in your facility is to make them all redundant.



Halo™ is designed to eliminate the unauthorised use of mobile telephones within facilities, such as prisons and other institutions where there is a NO MOBILE PHONES policy.

Halo™ can eliminate all mobile phone access but also has an optional managed access service that will only allow the use of pre-authorised mobile phones that have been registered within the system and apply full denial to all other mobile phones within the facility.

Halo’s Radio Frequency systems provide RF signals which block all mobile phone channels in the coverage area, with the exception of the authorised devices which are free to access their cellular network carrier. There is minimal signal leakage from the facility, allowing the continued use of public mobile phone signals outside the prison perimeter. Due to the modular design of Halo™, it can be upgraded and extended at any time, to include other areas of the facility, or adjoining buildings that require mobile phone control.

The system control, monitoring, set up, logs and database can be either a local or remote PC.  The Halo™ system provides a passive means of checking the correct operation of the denial system to confirm and verify that no unauthorised access is applied. It will not matter how many illicit mobile phones enter your establishment as they simply will not be able to connect to a network.

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