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SentryHound™ mobile phone detection security portal is triggered when mobile phones (or other ferromagnetic material) pass by its sensors. This type of TSCM installation is especially useful for security personnel looking to detect any mobile phones (ON or OFF)  without invasive and time-consuming searches.

Product Description

Since SentryHound is triggered by specific components found in mobile phones, time, money and resources normally spent using standard metal detectors are saved. This makes SentryHound the perfect compliment to teams securing concert halls, courtrooms, conference rooms, government secure facilities (SCIFs), and many more public and private areas from mobile phones. SentryHound contains (12) independent, ultra-sensitive zones between 2 poles to detect mobile phones from head to toe and even indicate location of the hidden item with glowing LED alerts and sirens. These LED zones “lock” onto any mobile phone, tablet or laptop hidden in a pocket, bag or purse. The rugged pressure mat switch ensures that only suspects passing through the sensors will be instantly scanned by SentryHound. Setup and takedown of SentryHound is easy and its flexible power requirements (plug in for AC or use it’s internal DC battery) allow it to run all day. Ten levels of sensitivity and auto calibration ensure that SentryHound is always on the trail of hidden or contraband phones. SentryHound is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Quick scan anyone for unauthorized cell phones in pockets, backpacks, purses & briefcases
  • Rugged pressure switch mat ensures only suspects passing through sensors will trigger alarm
  • 12 Independent, ultra-bright LED “zones” instantly indicate approximate position of phone
  • Detects any ferromagnetic material including mobile phones, laptops and tablets
  • Alram does not false trigger from jewelry (gold and silver), copper, aluminum, bronze or brass
  • Ten levels of user adjustable sensitivity
  • Detects cell phones even when switched OFF and battery removed
  • Lighweight and simple setup make for portable perimeter security
  • Assembles in under 10 minutes
  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.

Technical Specs

Sensors(12) Independent detection zones (6 per pole)
Horizontal Range30 (user adjustable) inches (between poles)
Vertical Range75 inches (head to toe)
Possible False TriggersSome metallic objects, surfaces & areas of high electo-magnetic activity
Weight85 lbs. assembled
Dimensions5.5′ x 3′ x 2′
AlertsBlinking/Fading color LEDs (multi-zone)
Intergrated siren with adjustable volume
ControlsON / OFF key switch
Manual push buttons for calibration & sensitivity (10 levels) adjustment
Calibration ModesAuto or manual (calibration approximately 20 seconds)
Power110V AC for continuous operation
12V DC Internal rechargable battery with fast charger (10 hours of continuous use)
Operating Temp14º to 149º F
Includes(2) Sensor Poles
Rugged pressure switch 30″ x 36″ mat
Shipping DetailsBox 1 – 45 pounds 36 x 21 x 16″ (Holds two bases)
Box 2 – 11 pounds 64 x 8 x 5″ (Holds two Poles)
Box 3 – 18 pounds 38 x 33 x 1″ (Holds pressure sensitive mat)


How does the SentryHound mobile phone detection portal work?

The SentryHound has a unique algorithm and 12 sensors (6 per pole) which will light up to give the security guard an indication of where the mobile phone or contraband device is on the person’s body. SentryHound detects the change of ambient magnetic fields resulting from ferromagnetic objects passing thru the portal (between the 2 poles).

Can the SentryHound locate where the contraband device is on the person?

Yes. SentryHound contains multiple independent zones that can reveal mutliple hidden items as someone passes through the portal.

Can the SentryHound be used outdoors?

Yes. SentryHound is built rugged and water resistant but it is not waterproof. For prolonged outdoor use, it is recommended to protect it from rainfall.

Is the SentryHound mobile phone detector safe to use with a person with a Pacemaker?

Yes. SentryHound mobile phone detection portal does NOT transmit. Unlike a traditional metal detector that emit (radiate) a magnetic field we DO NOT create or modify the magnetic field, we are measuring the change in the earth’s magnetic field with 12 sensors within the SentryHound and thus do not interfere with an individuals pacemaker or other medical apparatus. We also do not cause any interference to surrounding wireless devices.

How long will it take to setup and install a SentryHound system?

Typically out of the box will take 5 minutes.

Do I need to calibrate the SentryHound?

The unit has advanced automatic calibration to adjust to the changing ferromagnetic environment. This happens approximately every 5 minutes. Calibration only takes 5 seconds to complete and the top of the poles will indicate by illuminating YELLOW for 2 seconds that it will begin Calibration, then transition to RED as the unit calibrates for 5 seconds. It is advisable to keep people away from the portal during calibration.

Does the SentryHound offer a Trigger?

Yes, the Sentry Hound has a solid state relay and a DRY Contact rated for up to 60 VDC at 100 mA; we also supply a cable that can trigger a remote light/speaker/camera/DVR.

Does the SentryHound trigger on metal?

Yes, the SentryHound will trigger/alert on ferrous metal in a laptop, cellular phone, MP3 player. The SentryHound will also trigger on ferrous shanks, knives, guns. The SentryHound will NOT detect/trigger on aluminum, bronze, brass, silver, gold, aluminum, copper.

What is an appropriate speed to walk thru the SentryHound mobile phone detection portal?

Normal walking speed is sufficient to provide full body detection. If security personnel want to reconfirm the area where suspect contraband might appear on a person they can have the person turn around 180 degrees and walk through the portal again and note the location where the detection zone is illuminated.

What is the detection distance?

Most ferrous objects we can detect at 16 inch distance on sensitivity setting 10 and hence when set up as a walk through portal the poles can be placed 30-32 inches apart and provide full body detection.

If you want to detect a phone hidden in a body cavity is this possible?

Yes, simply spin the anti slip mat 90 degrees and place the poles 24 inches apart and set to 10 on sensitivity to ensure you detect possible phones hidden in body cavities.

How portable is the SentryHound?

The SentryHound is easy to move from location to location in a matter of minutes. There are integrated handles on each base and there is a hand removable ruggedized / waterproof interconnection cable that can be removed with a twist. There is also a built-in battery allowing the Sentry Hound to operate fully without connection to any external power supply.

Can the SentryHound be shipped to another location / facility?

Yes, there are 4 screws that can be removed and a hand removable ruggedized connector that can separate the sensing Pole from the base.

The SentryHound ships in (2) boxes: Box 1 48 Lbs 24x16x16 (Holds two bases), Box 2 14 Lbs 61x10x6 (Holds two Poles)

What powers the SentryHound cell phone detection portal?

There is a standard 110/220 AC autoswitching transformer that is supplied with each SentryHound and can be plugged into standard wall receptacles/mains. There is also a integrated battery system that provides up to 8 hours of back up power. When the SentryHound is plugged-in to wall receptacle the battery will automatically charge insuring a full battery in the event of a power loss.

Can other ferrous metal objects be near the SentryHound (i.e. chairs, desks, file cabinets, vehicles….)?

Yes, as there is an algorithm that is built in to not false detect on distant ferrous objects. The unit should not be placed in close proximity to solenoids, motors, or magnet boards.

What if the surface is uneven where you desire to place the SentryHound?

This is not a problem as there are (3) adjustable feet on each base that will level the SentryHound. The SentryHound does not require perfect leveling to operate normally.

Can someone change the settings on the SentryHound?

There is a KEY lock provided for security personnel so they can set up configure and LOCK IN the settings so no one can change.

Is there an audible alarm on the SentryHound?

Yes, there is an audible alarm that can be turned ON or OFF and a volume control. There is an auxiliary jack as well for a remote alarm to be connected.

Can the unit be manually calibrated?

Yes, if someone hits into one of the poles we recommend you press the CALIBRATE button to manually calibrate the unit at any time.

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