WatchMan Compact Mobile Phone Detector

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WatchMan Compact™ can be quickly deployed anywhere, providing actionable intelligence about any phone activity.

Product Description

WatchMan Compact™ is an advanced, self-contained portable detection system that scans for mobile phones and user selected RF signals from Low VHF (20Mhz) up to 6GHz. Its software programmable design allows support for future RF bands.

WatchMan Compact™ is supplied in a convenient ruggedised case, containing everything required for a comprehensive RF scan, that can quickly be deployed anywhere there is a need to detect mobile phones and other suspicious RF activity.

Engineered to extremely high standards, WatchMan Compact™ offers excellent detection accuracy with virtually zero false positives.

Once activated, WatchMan Compact™ scans all mobile phone bands including 4G and 5G, to detect phones in either standby mode* or during active voice, text or data transmissions.

Along with its portable, rugged design,WatchMan Compact™’s detection range and RF bands can be configured to suit many types of environments, from offices and board rooms to factory floors, prison wings or even outdoor areas.

Instant alerts, monitoring, reports and configuration are all available via the built-in high resolution touchscreen.

WatchMan Compact™ includes an internal rechargeable battery lasting up to 8 hours, making it ready to use in any location, any time.

*Standby mode (autonomous registration) varies from base station to base station with phones typically registering between every few seconds and every few minutes. This time varies greatly based upon carriers, distance from base stations and individual handset manufacturers’ standards.

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