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We support the defence sector through the use of advanced technology, including RF detection and suppression, bug sweeping and other technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM).

Mobile Phone Control

The need to eliminate rogue RF signals and control the use of unauthorised mobile devices in sensitive areas is increasingly important. Our mobile phone control solutions can effectively render mobile devices useless within a defined perimeter.

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Mobile Phone Detection

Modern mobile devices present a significant threat to the protection of sensitive information, and screening for these devices can be both time consuming and labour-intensive.

Along with our RF control solutions, our detection products can help reduce this problem by providing reliable, visible deterrents at all entry points. Our discreet mobile detection units can also reduce the workload of search teams whilst improving detection rates.

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Secure Tablets

Protecting critical information can be a challenge when everyone can potentially be carrying an unauthorised device with access to public networks in their bag or pocket.

Using secure tablets ensures that organisations have full control over access to sensitive data, secure networks and device features such as cameras and microphones.

L&G provide secure tablet technology which has been specifically designed to address these concerns, enabling secure facilities to benefit from mobile technology whilst ensuring full control over the use of devices and preventing unauthorised access to networks and content.

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