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We provide solutions using advanced technology for Prisons & Probation, including mobile phone detection, body scanners, telephone systems and secure tablets for education, communication and rehabilitation.

Mobile Phone Control

The use of unauthorised mobile phones in prisons is a huge, and growing problem. Our mobile phone control solutions can effectively eliminate this threat by rendering mobile devices useless within the defined perimeter of a prison or other secure facility.

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Mobile Phone Detection

The detection of mobile phones being brought into prisons and other secure facilities is a time consuming and labour-intensive challenge. Along with our mobile phone control solutions, our detection products can help reduce this problem by providing reliable, visible deterrents at all entry points. Our discreet mobile detection units can also reduce the workload of search teams whilst improving detection rates.

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Contraband screening

The introduction of contraband items into prisons can potentially lead to dangerous situations. Through the use of sophisticated technology, items hidden in or on a person can easily be detected without requiring time-consuming, manual invasive procedures.

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Mobile Apps

We have a range of mobile apps specifically designed for use in prisons and other secure facilities, providing opportunities for learning, health and well-being information, preparation for employment and communication with family and support workers. These apps support prisoners from the time they enter prison and can continue to provide learning, support and guidance when the rejoin the community.

Apps are also available to support staff with training and handbooks, and to automate the collection of forms, data and feedback from prisoners, visitors and staff.

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Prison Communications

Sustaining contact with loved ones is vital to improving rehabilitation and maintaining emotional wellbeing. From on-the-wall payphone-style telephones to soft phones deployed via mobile devices, L&G can provide the right communications solutions for your facility. We can provide secure two-way electronic messaging, reducing the workload of prison staff whilst lessening the chances of contraband being introduced to the facility. Prisoners can record bedtime stories for their children to listen to at home, adding a personal touch to family communication.

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Prisoner Education

Prisons are no longer just a place of punishment – in order to truly equip the prisoner for life after release, they must have the necessary skills and education to give them a realistic chance of finding employment and reducing the chance that they will re-offend. We provide a range of educational and training opportunities for every level of learner, using engaging interactive content to motivate prisoners to make productive use of their time whether online or offline.

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Prisoner Health & Wellbeing

Many prisoners begin their sentence with a variety of mental health, emotional and behavioural issues. Through the use of specialist programmes and providers, prisoners can start their journey to wellbeing from the day they enter the prison, and continue to benefit from this information upon release. Health providers can ensure continuity of care using our software to set up GP appointments and medical records that prisoners can access after leaving the facility.

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Probationer Support & Employment

Prisoners can greatly benefit from well-integrated prison and probation services, providing continuity of support as they leave prison and rejoin the community. Our software provides a ‘through-the-gates’ solution by delivering signposting, access to local charities and services, financial, housing and employment advice, and continued access to learning activities after release, helping the individual to reintegrate to society and prepare for employment.

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Secure Tablets

Introducing new technology into prisons and secure facilities can often be a challenge due to the unique risks and environmental issues. L&G provide secure tablet technology which has been specifically designed to address these concerns and enables prisons to benefit from mobile technology whilst ensuring full control over the use of devices and preventing unauthorised access to networks and content.

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