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Working in combination with specialist partners, our software provides tools and content to improve health, helping to break the cycle of dependency on drugs and alcohol, improve financial management skills and change behaviours, attitudes and thinking.

Mobile Apps

We work with a range of organisations, charities and social enterprises to bring together engaging interactive content, support and communication tools to help and support vulnerable groups. Our apps provide opportunities for learning, health and well-being information, preparation for employment and communication with support workers.

Apps are also available to support staff with training and handbooks, and to automate the collection of forms, data and feedback from individuals in their care, visitors and staff.

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The long term unemployed and other vulnerable groups must have the necessary skills and education to give them a realistic chance of finding and maintaining employment and stable housing. We provide a range of educational and training opportunities for every level of learner, using engaging interactive content to motivate individuals to make productive use of their time whether online or offline.

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Health & Wellbeing

Many vulnerable groups and long term unemployed are at a disadvantage due to a variety of mental health, emotional and behavioural issues. Through the use of specialist programmes and providers, these groups can start their journey to wellbeing and continue to benefit from this information whether online or offline. Health providers can ensure these groups are cared for and supported using our software to set up GP appointments and medical records.

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Support & Employment

For those seeking to enter the world of work, our software provides a easy to use ‘mobile mentor’ solution by delivering signposting, access to local charities and services, financial, housing and employment advice, and continued access to learning activities, helping the individual to integrate to society and prepare for employment.

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