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L&G International’s comprehensive on-site training teaches you the necessary skills to utilise the system confidently and effectively.

Mobile Phone Blocking

Security cleared, certified L&G International trainers will visit each facility to train staff on how to effectively block mobile phone calls.

Mobile Phone Detection

Some Mobile Phone Detection units are simple to use wands that need little instruction.

Other Mobile Phone Detection units are permanently installed within each wing. Security cleared, certified L&G International training staff will visit each facility once the system is installed to train the detection system main users on the easy to use control panel.  The control panels are designed to be easy to operate.

Prisoner Telephone System

L&G International provides security cleared, certified staff to train correctional personnel on the use of the Prisoner Telephone System control program.

Training topics include the system’s basic features, call detail reporting features, recording and monitoring, system overview, technical support and on-line help. The L&G International certified training staff will answer questions and perform demonstrations – either on an individual basis or in scheduled group training sessions.

Training and support is available to personnel, at no additional cost, and throughout the duration of the contract.  This includes user on-line training, on-line manuals, toll free support, comprehensive user manuals, and user guides.